Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Beginning

At this point I was already two months! The pregnancy was confirmed through testing for something unrelated.  I could not believe it! I took two home pregnancy tests to be sure although usually this is done in the other order!

When I came home to share the news I was very nervous about how he'd react! I could not even get the words out because I was crying too much. I showed him my computer because I'd been looking at a due date calculator. 

His reaction was priceless! It made me feel so much better. He looked at my laptop and then back at me and asked what I was looking at!?! I still couldn't talk and so he asked if we were going to have a baby. I just nodded through tears and covered my face waiting for his reaction. With the biggest grin on his face he hugged and kissed me over and over again! Then he kissed my belly. He went out and called his mom to share the news. 

He was so happy and excited and so I felt much better...until I thought about how to tell my family!!!