Tuesday, June 30, 2009

36 Weeks =)

I stopped by the doctor yesterday because I was worried that maybe my water had broken!!! Well, technically I thought it was leaking and I was having contractions.... Turns out, it was a false alarm.

I called and told our families that my water may have broken and everyone was so excited (which made me excited), finding out that nothing was happening was really disappointing. I can't wait to get to hold Caylee and for my family to be here and get to see her! I want her to be fully developed and not have to be in the special care nursery so I'm trying to be patient. I keep picturing what she will look like and it's driving me NUTS!

False alarms are NOT fun, it just makes things even harder! I idid find out yesterday that I am now a "finger-tip" dilated and that Caylee is continuing to move downward (which is a great sign).


So, I had my 36 week check-up today. I gained 2 lbs which is really good since I lost weight last week. My blood pressure continues to be low (which is making me shaky and tired) and the doctor attributes that to my not eating enough (she didn't see the huge steak I had for dinner or the 3 peaches I ate for dessert).

I was checked for GBS again (Im positive) and so will have to have IV antibiotics during labor.

I am also officially off bed rest! I am supposed to be "taking it easy" for the next week. Once I get to 37 weeks Caylee will be considered full-term and it will be safe for me to deliver her. I am so happy, I miss being able to walk or swim.


36 weeks down means 4 more to go. We are about done with the nursery although we still need to hang the border (pink and green butterflies) and rearrange a few things. We also need to install the car seat and then I'll have it inspected at the fire station. I think the final thing would be washing all of her clothes and blankets. I've been putting that off because her closet is so organized and I don't want to ruin it!

It's very exciting knowing that she could be born at any moment and we'd be ready for her! I am getting so excited, and surprisingly not nervous about labor (that may change).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Surprise OB Appt.

I got a phone call Monday afternoon asking me to come to the doctors office the next morning at 9 am. The call was a surprise because I wasn't supposed to be seen until the following week and because I'm on bed rest.

Well it turns out that the office had simply forgotten to cancel an old appointment! Thank goodness, I was starting to get worried. I lost about 3 more pounds which no one was happy about. For some reason, I am having a very hrad time keeping my weight up. The baby is still measuring and moving just fine so we are just going to add another meal to my day and then not stress out about my weight. My blood pressure was also really low which may explain why I've been so dizzy!

Everything else looked really great! The midwife did another internal exam and I am still not dilated however she said I am about 50% effaced! Caylee is sitting so low the doctor said that she thinks we will make it only 2 more weeks!!! My due date isn't for another 5 weeks!

I will have another check-up in a week (36 weeks) and then will be taken off bed rest. At that point, if I were to go into labor they won't try to stop her. So although we really want to wait until my mom and dad can be here it might be sooner!!

It's about time that I took another belly picture so Ill be back tomorrow to update!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I thought I'd let everyone know how bed rest is going so far. Its been just a few days and I'm already really bored! I wasn't doing much before since the doctors told me to "take it easy" however, being completely restricted stinks!

The only perks are that I don't have to clean the house, can make easier meals, and get everything brought over to me! Anytime I move I'm questioned! Haha I can't even go to the bathroom without being asked what I think I'm doing getting up.

Today is the first since about Saturday that I haven't had contractions. Having contractions for days with little or no relief is really no fun. I tried drinking more water and changing positions but nothing helped.

I woke up today around noon (thanks mom) and wasn't in pain!!! At this point I have to be thankful for even the small victories.

My days mostly consist of watching my regular tv shows, eating, talking on the phone, and checking out facebook and Baby Center. Oh, I almost forgot to add shopping online for things for the baby! We still need a border and curtains so I've been searching like crazy for something I love.

Overall things are going ok, I would love to go for a walk or just drive but I guess I'll have to wait! So, 37 more days to go and I am getting more and more excited. I have to stop myself from going through all of her clothes over and over again! I can't wait until she is here!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bed Rest....

I just got back from my doctors appointment. I called yesterday because Id been having terrible contractions for 3 days (today is day 4). I've also had more pressure and been downright miserable. They scheduled me for the next day (which is today).

Usually at our doctor you are called back to pee in the cup, get weighed, and have your blood pressure checked. After all of this they send you back to the waiting room while they clean a room for you.

Well today they kept me back there and also put me ahead of 6 other people that were waiting. My blood pressure was normal 110/62 and I gained 2 lbs which was great since I'd lost 2 at the last appointment (a week before). They were really happy about that, and now at 34 weeks and 2 days I have gained 20 lbs.

I was seem by Mercedes who is the midwife. We listened to Caylee's heart beat which was a normal 148-152. We talked about the contractions (frequency and intensity) and I was told to come right to the office next time (if I don't want to go tot he hospital more) since I'd already been treated for pre term contractions.

Mercedes did the internal exam (I was having contractions at the time) and said that while I'm not dilated my cervix is definitely softening/thinning. She could also feel the baby's head. I had a couple more contractions after she did the exam that were very painful. She told me that with my history I need to be on bed rest for two weeks (until 36 weeks). If I continue to have contractions through tomorrow I will have to go to the hospital to have another shot (to stop contractions).

I was already supposed to be "taking it easy", but now I can't leave the house unless I'm going to the doctor. I can get up long enough to cook, eat, and go to the bathroom and that's it. No lifting bending etc. At 36 weeks I will be checked (for dilation) and we will decide what to do at that point.

While I am very anxious to meet Caylee and very much in pain (can't wait for that to be over), I want to be sure she wouldn't have to be in the special care unit when I do have her. According to Mercedes, if I have her now that's exactly what would happen. So, I'm going to try my hardest to follow the doctors instructions. The doctors are worried that I could have Caylee any time and so will be watching me very closely....

Baby Shower #2

On Sunday (June 14) we had our second baby shower! Oh and Caylee was exactly 34 Weeks!

I was very excited to see everyone and to get out of the house, so I was counting down the days until the shower. On the day of the shower I'd been having contractions for the past day and a half. I woke up sore and still uncomfortable.

I decided to go get a new pair of shoes to wear with the pink and white dress I'd planned on wearing. Of course, I got to the store and saw pretty dresses and so changed my mind about the shoes! Now this is where things went down hill... I wasn't in the maternity section and kept picking out clothes for my old (skinny) body! I took smalls into the dressing room (clearly in denial) and almost ripped the seams!!!

I was reminded (thanks Nancy) that I'm pregnant and so it's ok to need a bigger size! I tried on a few dresses that I thought would have looked great on the old" me but made the "new" me look like a big whale. I left the store near tears! I walked next door to get a hostess gift and was going to just forget about getting anything for myself!

I decided to at least take a look (I gave myself 5 minutes) to see if I could find anything that would minimize my huge stomach. The store I was in had a maternity section and so I grabbed two dresses (in x-small). The first was a black dress with some strange ribbons. I didn't even leave the fitting room! I was slowly falling apart.... Then I tried on a purple dress with a low cut top and ruffles covering my stomach. I walked out of the fitting room to see myself in the big mirrors...I started to cry!!! At that very moment a girl walked past and stopped to tell me how amazing I looks and that she LOVED the dress on me. We chatted for a couple of minutes and then she called her mom out to look at me. Her mom agreed that the dress was perfect. I thanked them both then ran to the checkout before I had a chance to my mind.

I cried again when I got home while putting on my makeup. I guess I was just hormonal and tired from the contractions. We got to the shower and things were great. Most people were already there, there was a TON of food, and everyone looked great. Shana had decorations everywhere and her house is beautiful!

During the shower some people were inside eating/cooking, some (me included) were sitting on the deck talking, and others were in the back yard playing random games. It was more of a party than anything else. Finally we all ate and then moved inside to play games! We did all of the traditional baby shower games including how big is my belly, what candy bar is in a diaper, how many pieces of candy are in the jar, etc. Then I got to open presents. We got some really amazing things! We got the bassinet that matched the playard, a couple of baby play things (mat and bouncer), clothes, diapers, and all the things I need for breastfeeding (including the pillow).

After the shower ended about 8 of us went to see The Hangover (which was hilarious). The shower started at 3pm and we didn't get back home until 11pm! I had contractions the whole day, was exhausted, but had a great time! I wasn't sure I'd have even one baby shower and so to have two that were great was really a blessing. We were able to cross almost everything from our list of needs for the baby which made both showers even better.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hospital Tour

We finally went on an official hospital tour (Wed. Jun 10th). We are of course very familiar with the women's center at the hospital but hadn't gone and seen actual delivery rooms thus far!

We got there a couple of minutes late and the room was already full. We received the standard forms, instructions, and a CD on the baby's first months. Nothing very exciting... We went down to the main floor and basically pretended that we'd all just arrived and were in labor.

We went to triage which is where we'd get signed in and wait to get into a room. From the triage rooms they would send us up to the actual delivery rooms (if we really are in labor), have us walk the halls (to see if we could get things going), or go back home to wait longer. We then went to the labor rooms (they were HUGE) and then onto the mother and baby rooms (for recovery).

The rooms, and Women's Center in general, are really nice! It's a really comfortable and beautiful place to have the baby! We met a few people that seemed really nice and were due around the same time as us. The nurses and other staff all seemed nice and helpful which is very important!

Here is how the hospital's website describes the Women's Center:

....Catering to the tastes of a sophisticated, dynamic community, the facility was designed as a warm Craftsman style building, with stone work, fireplaces and warm lighting. Its interiors resemble a high-end hotel or spa and create a soothing atmosphere.

There are 18 private Labor-Delivery-Recovery (
LDR) suites for the birth, and 62 private, postpartum Mother-Baby rooms with high speed Internet access, refrigerators, private bathrooms, and window seat couches roomy enough for guests to sleep over. Waiting areas are located between each patient room to give families a private place just outside the mother’s room.

We are both comfortable that when I go into labor we will know exactly what to do and we may even know some of the other moms that are delivering at the same time! Hopefully we won't be visiting the hospital again until I'm actually in labor!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby Shower!

On the 6th I had my first baby shower! Grandma Nancy was the host and did an amazing job! I got to the house a little late (what else is new) and was surprised by all the decorations! 

I hadn't done any of the planning and so had no clue what would be going on or who would be there. Everything was done in pink (gift bags, balloons, plates, etc) just the way I would have done it. 

We played a few games that I stunk at! My favorite thing we did was guessing how many squares of toilet paper it would take to wrap around my belly. I cannot tell you how shocked I was to see how much tissue everyone was unrolling! It must have been my outfit because everyone thought I was HUGE! 

I'm happy to say that it only took 10 squares and I guessed this exact number (I finally won a prize)!! I probably liked this activity the most because it's the only thing I could guess correctly...

We did all of the usual shower activities and I had a really great time. Oh, and ate a ton of delicious cake. I met some new family which was wonderful and also got some really great presents for our little girl.

Her closet it getting full, the furniture is also all in place! I think my favorite gift was the play yard from Grandma! It was the one I registered for and matches everything perfectly. 

Sadly, my mom couldn't make it down for the shower, but she and dad did send a box of "stuff" for the baby! I didn't get the box until Sunday but I was very excited when I saw it in the mail. They got the baby some beautiful outfits (most of the shower gifts were blankets and onesies), socks, hats, etc.

I had the most amazing time and now just need to send out thank you cards....Our next shower is this Sunday and I cant wait! Now that things are getting done I'm realizing how close July is.

Friday, June 5, 2009

This was us about a week and a half ago. I forgot to add a new picture earlier! I have gained 20 lbs now and you are still a big girl!

Just a quick hello...

Caylee Renee 

Today you are 32 weeks and 5 days old! That means you have about 51 days left until you are supposed to be born! I am getting extremely excited! I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by! You have no idea how much your mom, dad, grandparents, and aunts want to meet you! Of course soon you will get to meet them and we will all fight over who gets to hold you. Don't worry, mommy will win every time!

At this point in time you could be born and you'd be just fine! You are almost fully developed and we are just waiting on your lungs to mature. At our last ultrasound you were breathing just fine though! Your dad was VERY sad that he missed it (he rushed to the doctor from work but then it took too long and he had to leave again). You were so big that I could only see sections of you at a time but from what I saw, you are one beautiful little girl...

In the past few weeks things have been ok. I haven't been having too many contractions lately but have been having some other issues that are all normal. You are getting so big (and strong) that the other night I was laying in bed and you were kicking against the mattress and it was so hard we could actually hear the thumps! Your kicks are actually quite violent and I'm hoping that it doesn't mean you will be a handful when you are born. 

You are very very active! The last few nights I haven't gotten much sleep and I found that you are most active from 2-4am! You kick and punch me all day, but during that time it's the most painful and is really non-stop. Your daddy still likes to "play" with you by tapping on my belly and making you kick! It's really the most adorable thing in the world. He is so excited and I'm sure will never want to put you down once you are born!

He kisses you every night and most mornings. He talks to you everyday and tells you to say daddy first...I'm really not happy about this!!! I think that I am the one who has carried you all of this time so you should say mommy! Oh well, I guess we will let you decide! 

In other news: I have been getting dizzy still but eating better has been helping some; I've been having a really hard time breathing when I lay down (this is actually pretty scary); and my sciatic pain is back! Any time I lift a leg I have shooting pain that extends from my lower back to mid thigh. While I miss the old me (the one that could see her feet and reach her toes) I am so excited by the changes that are happening to my body and that I am supporting you while you get big and strong enough to survive in the world. I cannot wait to see you!

Oh, today is Friday and we are having our first baby shower TOMORROW!!! Your grandma Nancy is hosting it! You will like her a lot and have tons of fun with her. When you get older you will get to play with the dogs and the cat. She will also teach you how to play random games like Yahtzee). I am so excited to get out of the house (since I'm pretty much stuck here everyday), interact with other adults, and to get to celebrate you with some of your family!!!

My mom (your Nana) really wanted to surprise me and come to the shower but she has to stay home and study. Your Nana is a very busy lady but she loves you very much and really wishes that she could be here. It's really hard for her not to have seen me more but I know that she would if she could. When you get older you will get to go stay with Nana and Paw Paw and they will spoil you and let you run the house just like they do with Landon now. (By the way Landon is your cousin and the cutest little baby boy ever: You guys will be a year and a half apart.)

Well, it's getting late and I need to do something productive! You're sleeping now so I may go take a nap too :)

I'll have pictures tomorrow from the baby shower!!