Thursday, April 30, 2009

Decorating the Nursery...

We FINALLY bought baby stuff yesterday! I was so excited. 

After wandering around Babies R Us for a while (without picking up a single thing) we finally picked out a great mattress that was on sale and then spent a while deciding on mattress covers. 

Ill just say now that it is amazing that the two of us can get anything done because we are both SO indecisive!

After getting the mattress we decided that we would just buy the bedding and decorations for the nursery. I'd originally picked out an amazing set (from another store) that was done in greens, creme, and brown. I absolutely LOVED it! Daddy however, says we are having a girl and therefore need GIRL colors!

After about an hour of going back and forth between several sets (6 piece sets) we decided to just mix and match! Our theme is now BUTTERFLIES! We picked out adorable bedding that is pink, green, and white with little butterflies all over. 

Anyway, our shopping trip ended early because I was hormonal and started crying!! I wanted his input on EVERYTHING while he just wanted me to get what I wanted...
Of course this caused me to think he did not care and wasn't playing an active role! I cried and cried and we had to go home!

Our trip that was supposed to result in the entire nursery being decorated turned into us only getting the bed done! I felt bad for crying and then sad that I didn't buy more stuff but I'm so happy now with what we got!

Soon, we will shop more to finish the nursery and then I will share pictures! I can't tell you how exciting it is to walk past the nursery and see something besides just the furniture!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pictures to Remember Pregnancy...

As each week, and even day, passes I continue to grow and to feel Caylee grow. It's the most exciting thing that I have ever experienced. Her little kicks and punches are getting stronger and stronger. I spent about 10 minutes last night staring at my stomach because she was playing and kicking SO much! It's truly amazing to see.

I'm amazed when she decides to play with mommy and daddy. We've begun poking on my belly and waiting for her to angrily kick our hands! Poke...kick...poke..kick it provides tons of entertainment for us! She most certainly likes peace and quiet; anytime a sudden noise scares her she makes sure that I know how upset she is! 

Last night mommy and daddy took a nice long nap since it was raining and every time there was a clap of thunder she jumped and kicked for about five minutes! I have to be honest though, we both jumped!!!

The time seems to be flying by and although I am getting bigger and bigger (and less excited about being in front of a camera) it's very important to us to have the pictures to look back on one day. My mom recently told me that one of her biggest regrets is not having pictures to remind her of when she carried my sisters and I inside her. So every week or two I am trying to take pictures to later on remind myself of everything I felt during this amazing time. 

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose."  ~From the television show The Wonder Years

I never want to forget the happiness I feel during this time! 
A mother's joy begins when new life is stirring inside... when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.  -Author Unknown

Thursday, April 23, 2009

All About Sleeping....Not Sleeping Actually

What BabyCenter says about sleep during pregnancy:

Pregnancy, thy name is exhaustion — especially during your first trimester, when the sleep-inducing hormone progesterone starts surging through your body, and pressure on your bladder from your growing uterus sends you scurrying to the bathroom countless times every night. During your second trimester, a good night's sleep is likely to return, and with it, a welcome energy boost. Enjoy it; during your third trimester, the quality of your sleep may reach an all-time low.

Now, I know that it's common knowledge that pregnant people, especially in the 3rd trimester, have trouble sleeping but I had no idea how miserable this was truly going to be. 

While I haven't officially reached the 3rd trimester (I have 3 more days) I'm already miserable.

I thought that the sleep problems were all due to the weight people gained and that I would be safe since I've only gained 10 so far...wrong!

Anything I eat besides fruit at night (after about 7pm) makes me sick. I have the worst heartburn or acid reflux imaginable. Every night after dinner I slowly start to feel a burning sensation in the back of my throat and a lump that just sits there. The only way I can deal with this pain is to prop myself up on the couch! Laying flat definitely makes it worse but who wants to sleep sitting up?

Going to the bathroom at night is now just torture. I am getting up at least 4 times a night!!! It's nearly impossible to get a good night's sleep when you have to wake up so much! I keep all lights off and "feel" my way into the bathroom but still can't go right back to sleep  :(  I guess this is just practice for when the baby is here and I have to wake up for feedings every few hours! Oh the joy!

Now, as a pregnant person you aren't supposed to sleep on your back. The weight of the baby puts pressure on some vein that is kind of important... Preggos are supposed to sleep on their left side with a pillow between their knees...this, is definitely easier said than done. Somehow I manage to sleep on my stomach a lot. Now the doctor says I should stop this but it's not causing any harm. There will be a point in time when I really CAN'T do this because Caylee will be too big. The only way I can sleep on my side is to prop myself up with pillows (along my back). This lasts a very short time because Caylee likes to be a prankster and when I do actually lay on my side she kicks the side of my belly that is against the bed...

Speaking of Caylee....she wakes up every night at 11 pm!!! This of course just happens to be when I am trying to settle down and go to sleep. She eventually quiets down but then wakes up again around 1-2am... She kicks and punches like crazy, I think in an attempt to wake me up and get me talking to her! Obviously this is no a good way to get to sleep...

A big concern of mine is the baby's schedule! She loves being awake at night! Anytime I wake up to go to the bathroom she is already up and kicking around in there! I'm really...really hoping that she realizes at some point that night time is sleepy time!

Last night I cried until I finally fell asleep! After going to the bathroom 3 times and having trouble breathing I just couldn't take it anymore! The good thing about it was that I got my hair played with and was talked to until I just passed out. Being miserable gets you a lot of these nice gestures...although I think I'd prefer SLEEP!

I think that soon, I will be sleeping on the couch every night. We are going to get a new mattress to see if that helps me any and if not I'm just moving into the living room!! All I can think about is the fact that I have another 13 weeks of this!!!!

Visit with a NEWBORN!

Today I got a phone call that a friend of mine had her baby! 

Maya was born yesterday and was a little over 6 pounds and 21 inches long.

I drove down to see them both and absolutely LOVED every minute of the visit!!! I was the only visitor at the time and once I had Maya in my arms I did not put her down! She is absolutely beautiful and made me even more excited to have Caylee here.

Maya only cried twice. The first time was when she woke up and realized I wasn't her mommy...she calmed down quickly though; the second time she cried was when she was hungry. 

I cannot explain how nervous I was when I first picked up the baby! I have this fear that I will either drop a baby or break something like their arm! They are so tiny and fragile! I was very proud that she just curled up and slept...and that I didn't drop her of course! It was really a piece of cake. Her mom was much more easy going and flopping the baby everywhere and I almost DIED because I was so nervous! Maybe I'll get that comfortable at some point...maybe.

Maya slept for most of the visit (which was about 2.5 hours) and I couldn't stop starring at her! I know that Caylee is nowhere near being ready to officially meet her mommy and daddy, but I am so excited for July to get here! 

Oh, and seeing all of Maya's cute little clothes made me want to shop more!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

26 weeks down and 14 to go!

I made it to 26 weeks on Sunday and although I still felt awful from the contractions I was still excited! Every week brings something new! 

So without further's what happens during week 26:

The baby will start looking more like a "normal baby," the way he or she will appear at birth. 
We are going to do a 3D Ultrasound soon and so will get to see our little girl! We are waiting just a little bit longer so that she puts on a little more weight. It's really amazing how clear the 3D pictures are!!!

Although the baby's eyes have been sealed shut for the last few months to allow the retinas to develop, they are likely opening and beginning to blink during week 26 of pregnancy.
I am so excited to see what the baby will look like! I can't wait to see if she looks more like mommy or daddy. Since Daddy isn't too bad looking (haha) I guess either way she will be beautiful!

She responds to touch.
This is pretty entertaining these days. She constantly kicks anytime something is on my stomach! At the hospital she ONLY kicked the monitor that was right on my bellybutton and now when either of us have our hand on my belly she kicks it!

My uterus is now about 2½ inches above your belly button.
I have a nice baby bump now and you can tell where my uterus is stopping! There is an indention almost 3 inches above my belly button. I can't believe she is almost big enough to kick me in the ribs...oh boy!!!

FUN FACT: The eye color of all babies in mother’s womb is blue and will change later in life. Some babies are born with a darker shade of blue and others are born with a lighter blue shade. 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Looooooooong Night....

Where to begin....

I was sitting around the house last night after a nice day with Elizabeth. We walked some and had lunch together. Since I don't get out of the house much I LOVED it...oh, and Elizabeth's company isnt too bad either.


Last night around 9pm I realized Id been having what I thought were braxton hicks contractions for about an hour and a half. On top of the contractions, I had this pain that radiated through my whole back (basically wrapped around). The back pain was my main concern because they hurt so badly. The contractions were pretty mild. 

Of course, not knowing what's going on or if it was even a big deal I called Mom. My mom asked about what was going on and after listening to me said to call the doctor. doctors are so used to me calling late at night now that I sort of felt bad! Since I've already been to the hospital a few times I didn't want them to think I was just wasting everyone's time. I called anyway :)

My doctor said I should get to the doctor and so off I went...

All of the usual tests were run and it was determined that I was very dehydrated...again. I have NO idea how this was possible since I drank 9 cups earlier. But I guess they'd know if I was dehydrated or not.  

I was there from 9:20pm until 6:30am and had a lot of pain medicine so some things are kinda fuzzy but this is basically what happened...

The nurse brought me water and said they were going to give me an IV so I could rehydrate. She asked if I wanted pain medicine because my head was pounding at this point.  I of course said yes. You know that little chart with the simley faces that has the pain levels? I was at an 8.

She hooked up the IV and as soon as she closed the door the pain medicine started working. I started talking a lot and not really making any sense. I remember slurring all my words and really trying to sound normal but couldn't!! I also remember waving my hands in front of my face because I was seeing two or three of everything!

So fast forward...honestly I can't remember what happened until after the medicine starting wearing off. I was having contractions but they weren't too painful and also weren't consistent. All of a sudden, the back pain was back and much worse. The nurse came in and checked on me and I was feeling really bad (about a 8 again). I needed another liter of fluids...I have NO idea how I could be this dehydrated.

I talked to my mom a few times during all of this and at some point fell asleep. I woke up at 3am to the nurse asking if I felt up to going home. I didn't think I should because my back was getting worse even though I got to additional rounds of pain meds. About 5 minutes after getting the last dose of pain medication I started having regular contractions that were painful. The contractions ranged from 5-7 minutes apart and were at about 70-80 on the little monitor. 

The nurse did a swab test to check to see if I'd go into active labor in the next two weeks and it came back negative (so, no baby yet). I was given a shot to stop the contractions...the first didnt work and so about an hour later I got another one.

The shots made me VERY shaky and I couldnt even lift my head really. I needed help getting up or holding a cup and so mostly tried to sleep. A little while later (maybe 5:30am) the nurse came in and asked how I was feeling. The contractions had stopped since the last shot. I told her not great but a little better. I told her that maybe I'd be more comfortable at home and she agreed. So she called my OB who agreed I could go home. I drank more water got dressed and we left for home.

So...we got home and went right to bed (it was light outside and the birds were chirking). 

Caylee seemed totally unaffected by everything that was going on. She always wakes up at 11pm. She didn't break the pattern and was kicking the monitor that was on my belly. She hated it...or maybe thought it was a toy. The nurses commented on how active she was. It was great to hear her hearbeat and also her swimming around in there with everything that was going on. 

Friday, April 17, 2009

25 Week Check-Up

Well I wasn't feeling well all day today. I finally called the doctor after laying on the couch miserable for a while.... 

I have been exhausted. I am normally very active and lately have been tired all day long (even after sleeping 9 hours a night). I have also been having dizzy spells and pretty bad headaches. 

So, I went to the doctor and FINALLY gained more weight now I am up 11 pounds total. The doctor is VERY happy! My blood pressure was great as usual and the doctor said everything else also looked great. She did tell me that if I was taking my vitamins then I may have more energy...hmmm what a concept! 

I passed all my tests, namely diabetes, and was very relieved! I do have to stop eating sweets so much though....I was caught with a pack of gummy bears and cherry sours (both almost gone). 

I finally got my belly measured and the fundal height was 25 cm which is right on...since I'm 25 weeks. 

The only really eventful thing that happened was the the doctor made me take my belly ring out! I was determined to leave it in and then just switch to a maternity ring...nope. She is worried I will forget to take it out and then it will rip! Ill be getting a maternity ring and putting it back in though! Of course, it will be harder to hide since now I get to go to the doctor every 2 WEEKS!! 

Finally, I'm at that point in the pregnancy when things are starting to get more exciting!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

25 Weeks 4 Days

Whats happening with my little princess this week:

Well first off...I have 100 more days until the EDD!!! After today we will be in the double digits and I am so excited!

I also just saw a little knee or elbow poke about an inch and a half from my stomach! Up until now I have only seen what looks like a ball rolling around in there. Well I was sitting here and lifted my shirt to watch her roll around and then there it was! A little limb! It scared me so much, I didnt even want to touch her in case I could possibly break something! I can't wait until she gets bigger (minus the rib kicking).

So...moving on, what else is happening this week??

Well apparently my uterus is now about the size of a volleyball. Caylee's "hands are now fully developed and she spends most of her awake time groping around in the darkness of my uterus". 

Brain and nerve endings are developed enough now so that she can feel the sensation of touch! 

Her nostrils, which have been plugged up until now, clear out (like she's taken a super-dose of Sudafed) and she can practice breathing through the nose. (This is one of the reasons I was so excited to make it to 24 weeks...the babies odds of surviving go way up after this point)!

Your baby weighs a little over a pound and a half and is about 13½ inches long—roughly the length of one of those recorders you played in elementary school music class.

See that giant plant next to the quarter...thats how big Caylee is this week! (BTW)

***I have to go to the doctor now because I am not feeling great so Ill let everyone know whats going on when I get back! Caylee is kicking up a storm still and so I think she says "HI"***

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Terrifying Night!!

Happy 25 weeks Caylee!!


Anyone that knows me, knows I am terrified of bugs...I cannot stand them. I was attacked by fire ants when I was younger and seriously think that it must have scarred me for life! 

I would dream that my pillow was an ant hill and ants would attack me (this dream continued for quite some time). As far as I can recall, this is the first awful experience I had with bugs... Now, when I say I am afraid of bugs Im not talking "ewww there's a bug", I mean I will freak out, start shaking, crying, running for my life!

Usually someone is home with me and I can just cry until they kill and discard of the bug...well tonight I am alone and just sitting in bed on my computer. I was attempting to kill some time until I got tired...


Out of the corner of my eye I see a spot on the wall, I casually look up and there is a HUGE, no, GIGANTIC SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I immediately start to cry because don't know what to do (I'm so afraid of bugs I don't even kill them). I think ok, ignore it and then it'll crawl somewhere else... YEAH'll crawl right in BED WITH ME!

So I jump up, or kinda roll out the bed, get a shoe (shaking all the while) and then when I get back over there its GONE!!!!!

Why me...why me?? Its behind one of the dressers. I can't look behind the dresser to see where because Im terrified it will spray me or jump on I sit crying in the middle of my bed with a shoe in my hand. I'm terrified and wishing I knew my neighbors so I could ask for help.

I call my mom (who is in Virginia while Im in Georgia) and get no answer. I finally make up my mind to go sleep on the couch but am too afraid to walk to the door because I have to pass the dresser! So I am sitting crying and just freaking out in general...well then thank the Lord I see that stupid spider on the side of the dresser!!!!

It was too far back to kill it with the shoe so in a moment of genus I bolt out of the room and get my lysol with bleach cleaning spray! I use half the bottle spraying the wall, dresser, and spider!!! It wobbled around but wasn't dead still! I had to convince myself to go get our actual bug spray (I'm afraid of that also just because it has to do with bugs).

I wrap my hand in paper towels, grab the spray (so I don't have to touch the bottle and so none of the stuff gets on me) and completely cover the WHOLE wall and the rest of the room!!!! I then stood for about 5 minutes near the dresser ready to spray more in case the sucker moved again! I think its dead now but Im still checking regularly. 

Of course now every hair on my shoulder feels like a bug, and I am trying to quiet the voice that's telling me that the dead spider may not be the same spider I saw at first...but overall Im much better now. I have the fan on high and windows open because otherwise I think the toxic fumes would make both me and the baby sick! 


Friday, April 10, 2009

Halfway There!

March 9th 2009- was supposed to be the big 20 week appointment. The "Big U/S" the one in which we'd find out the sex of the baby and also do the anatomy scan. I still hadn't come home from Virginia yet so had to push my appointment back to the 16th (21 weeks).

Although I missed the appointment, I was thrilled to finally be 20 weeks pregnant! At 20 weeks I had 138 days until my EDD! At 20 weeks, the baby is about the length of a banana. The baby, who we will soon find out is a girl, is now swallowing regularly and also busy making her first poop which is called meconium.
Things weren't going too badly although I was beginning to get more and more uncomfortable. I was still having terrible headaches (which I found out are pregnancy related migraines) and also sharp back pain that ran down both legs (thank you sciatic nerve).
On March 13th we made our first trip to Labor and Delivery. It was about 11pm when I started experiencing pretty painful cramps and spotting! Of course I panicked, I called my mom who said to get to the hospital and also called the doctor that was on-call that evening. The consensus was that I needed to get to the hospital. We rushed to the hospital and got checked-in and comfy in the room. 

It was a long night as I was hooked up to a monitor for a few hours. We both slept for a little while and were later told that things looked ok and that I was to take it easy for a few days.  We got home at about 3:30 am and from then on I've been pretty confined to the house.
Finally on the 16th we went to the doctor! Both of our families were excited to hear about how well the baby was growing and to officially know the sex (although my family already knew it would be a girl).

We arrive at the doctors office and I chugged two bottles of water really quickly (doctor's orders).  We were both SO nervous to see Caylee and to hear that all of her organs were developing well. He held my hand the whole time and I seriously thought he was going to cry when we saw her (I think we were looking at her kidneys). At the beginning of that U/S we had no clue what we were looking at because the tech was measuring limbs and checking organs. We actually got in trouble because we were snapping pictures and not at all paying attention! The tech asked us to stop taking pictures for a little while and asked if we even knew what we were looking at (again, it was the kidneys)....

I mentioned the fact that the baby is going to be on the left side but that she would be moving a lot! She already has a pretty set schedule (9 and 11 am, 3-5pm, and 10-12pm) and I am beginning to expect her to move at certain times during the day. Sure enough, she was curled up on the left side and kicking like crazy!

We soon found out that the baby was in fact a girl! We weren't really sure how the tech could tell, but she said she was positive.  She poked around until she could get a better picture that was a little more convincing to us. Our little girl could be felt about an inch above my bellybutton and was 1 pound and 3 ounces (11 inches). Everything looked fantastic and we were so happy!

So...halfway there and we will be having a healthy little PRINCESS!

A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
-- Eda J. Le Shan


"Because they've either conveniently forgotten with time or they're trying to be supportive, most mothers won't tell you how hard pregnancy (and then childbirth) can be. Let me tell you, it is. It's brutal sometimes! But, if I did it, ANYONE can do it. I mean, I always knew I was meant to do something really BIG in life, and now I know that this was it. Screw winning an Academy Award someday ... I GAVE BIRTH!"

A baby is sunshine and moonbeams and more brightening your world as never before.
-- Author Unknown

6 Months...

BUYING MATERNITY CLOTHES: I got my first couple  pairs of pants, a dress, and a few shirts on March 5th. I absolutely loved it! I was back home in Virginia (for Landon's birthday) and so went shopping with my mom, grandma, and aunt Teresa.
I hadn't gained a lot of weight yet (about 5 pounds) but at 20 weeks my jeans were getting a little too tight. We stopped by Motherhood Maternity and as soon as I tried on maternity pants (with the stretchy full panel) I was completely comfortable and smiled for about a week straight because I could breath again!
Although I can still fit all of my old clothes (at almost 25 weeks) I love wearing my maternity jeans because I have more room. Ill have to get more clothes in a couple of weeks I think. 

So far at 24 weeks and 5 days I have gained 9 pounds. The biggest change thus far has been my breasts. They have gotten 1.5 cup sizes larger! Besides that, my belly is poking out a bit. I am carrying pretty low and nice and round. So far I am all stomach and boobs. 
Since Im not very big yet, not much has changed and I am overall very happy with my body. The best change so far has to be my belly slowly getting bigger because it's a sign that our little girl is growing on track!

What I thought would never change...and am still worried about is my mood! I have been going from happy to mad and then back to happy in the blink of an eye! I also have been crying at commercials or pretty much anything on tv.

We found out we are having a little GIRL! At 21 weeks she was 1 lb 3 oz. She is growing very well and is almost at my ribs! I was also told the signs that indicate preterm labor! I also had my glucose test and a few ultrasounds.

Feb 9 2009 *Shopping*

Monday (the 9th) we had a doctor's appointment. I was 16 weeks and 2 days, and so this was the 16 week check-up. The doctors at the practice are all really nice. There a a few OB's and a Midwife. I really like the Midwife (Mercedes) and will see her the most. The baby's HB was about 156 and everything looked like it was going great. We got an ultrasound just to see her and were very excited. She had a huge head and very long legs. We both almost cried... 

After leaving the doctor's office we called both of our families to tell them that everything is going great and then WENT SHOPPING! We walked around Babies R Us for a very long time before settling on a nursery set that we both loved. It was cherry wood and very pretty! We didn't know the sex still but the set would look great either way. We prepared to pay and so I called my mom to tell her about the set. My mom, being the genius that she is, asked if the crib converted....ummmmm. Apparently 400 dollars on a crib that does not convert is crazy. So we had to walk around the store AGAIN and find something else that we liked. We settled on the SoHo 5-in-1 convertible crib. It is beautiful! The set has a black finish and sleigh style. It will hopefully last for a very long time! We ordered it and they said it should arrive in a week!!!!! 

For Valentine's Day I came home to a big surprise! The nursery door was closed which was odd because we always leave it open. I opened the door and walked in the room and the furniture was there!!!!! It came a couple days early as a surprise for me. I could have cried I was so excited! We spent the afternoon building the crib and putting everything where we wanted it. Of course, I'd already drawn a "map" and so knew exactly how I wanted the nursery set up. It was a great day and every single time I walk past the nursery I peek in and get excited! I can't wait to get everything else in the room.  

Telling The Family

On Feb 7th (Saturday) I was working at the gym and really wanted to share the news with my mom. I was very nervous and so instead sent her a text message that said I needed to tell her something! I know, I know, that was awful, but the only way I could get it out! 

After several text messages sent back and forth she finally just asked if we were going to have a baby and I started crying again (thank you hormones). I told her it was ok if she was upset and didn't want to ever talk to me again (again..thanks hormones). Meanwhile, I was at the gym and had a few very confused clients not sure what was going on with me... I eventually calmed down and so throughout the day talked to my mom and grandma about 10 times. I was so relieved to have the support and love of my family! I asked mom call my dad and tell him because I was overwhelmed and also worried about his reaction. She explained everything to him and I later talked to him found out that he was very happy for me and couldn't wait to have another grandchild. My mom then called her sisters and I called mine. 

I told Cortney on the phone and she was very happy and rambled on and on about Landon having a cousin to play with and how cute I'd be pregnant! I think Cortney's first question was what did mom say! Leslie was online (Facebook) and so I sent her a message that said you're going to be an aunt! She was more excited than I think I'd ever seen/heard her!!! Both sisters asked if they could start telling people and so I told them sure. Then I called my older sister Darnicia who said she couldn't wait and knew it was going to be a girl!!! 

Overall I could not have been more pleased with how both families took the news! It was definitely a weight off my shoulders to finally have them all knowing what was going on! Ever since that first day everyone has been very supportive and always ready to offer advice!  

Mother Always Knows...

After the pregnancy was confirmed I thought back to a few strange conversations I'd had with my mom and aunt... 

I went home for Thanksgiving and heard about dreams that my Aunt Teresa had been having. According to her, someone was going to be having a baby girl! Unbeknownst to us, I was already 2 weeks pregnant (with a girl). 

My mom kept commenting on how I looked different in some way. According to her my breasts were huge and I looked a little "bloated". She asked me about 5 times if something was going on or if I needed to tell her anything!! All I could say was, "mom you are crazy", there was nothing for me to tell! 

I went back home to Virginia again for Christmas and was welcomed by a barrage of questions from my mom. According to her I was glowing and looked "different". My sisters told me over and over that mom thought I was pregnant. Anytime I held my nephew or played with him, I could feel my mom's eyes on me! The amazing thing is that I was only about 8 weeks pregnant at this point and would not end up going to the doctor for about 3 more weeks!!! Mom always knows...