Saturday, August 15, 2009

Emergency Room...

Caylee had to be taken to the hospital last night!!!!

She is 17 days old and already had a cold and had to be taken to the emergency room.....

This is what happened:

She's been congested so I was told to put saline drops in her nose and then suction her out. Well I did this and after screaming and fighting with me she was fine. Her congestion is pretty bad and you can hear it when she breathes. After suctioning her nose I fed and burped her and she seemed fine.

Well then she starts coughing and gagging (about 2 min after I'd burped her). She goes quiet so I look down at her and she was bright red/purple and making a face like she was in tons of pain. She wasn't making any sound (not even coughing) and couldn't breathe!!!!!

I panicked and couldn't even think of what to doCryCry

I start crying so hard and pat her back really hard and call my parents (who are MILES away-I panicked). I leaned her forward etc but she was still making that awful face and not breathing (probably 7 seconds not breathing)!

I put her on the bed to get the suction bulb and suction out her nose and mouth and finally she coughed a few times and then started screaming!

I held her for about 30 minutes just crying. She fell asleep in my arms and I thought everything was fine....

Well after she fell asleep I tried to lay her down next to me. I put her down and she starts wheezing and fighting to breathe! I pick her up and she was fine (although still very congested).

Every time I put her down (flat) she'd wake up screaming because she was having trouble breathing! So I called her ped. who sucks and I had to call her 6 times (she hung up on me once).

I was told to prop her up and call the hospital. I talked to the hospital nurses and they wanted an ambulance to come get us but I told them I could drive since we are so close to the hospital....

We ended up spending 5+ hours at the hospital and they said that her cold is just really bad. More than likely the saline drops combined with the cold just made it too hard for her to breathe.

Everything else looked fine...she is 9lbs 3 oz at 16 days old and otherwise healthy. I just need to watch her for the next couple of days and get a humidifier in her room.

This was THE scariest moment in my whole life. Seeing her turn colors and unable to get a sound out was terrifying. It's amazing to me how easy it is to just panic and not remember anything. It took everything in me to get anything done because I was so afraid of what could happen.

I'm just really thankful that my little girl is ok. She's asleep next to me right now, and I think that for the next few days Ill be doing very little sleeping.....

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