Friday, August 7, 2009


It finally happened! In a 24 hour period Caylee managed to poop on 3 separate surfaces! She’d done so well keeping all poop and pee in her diaper until today! First, she pooped on the couch; technically this is my fault for changing her there. She then pooped on our bed and a little while later all over her blankets in her play yard.

The thing to realize is that poop didn’t ooze from the side of her diaper…NO, when I opened her diaper she shot a long stream of mushy, yellow, seedy poop everywhere. Her butt basically exploded all over the furniture!

At the time is was not funny or adorable. In fact, I started screaming. After the fact it is quite adorable and just another cute thing to embarrass Caylee with when she gets older =)

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