Saturday, August 22, 2009

Poor Caylee

Thanks to Grandma Nancy I've finally had a nice long shower and a warm meal so I figured I'd share what happened yesterday...

Caylee and I were woken up very early and I noticed that her eyes were very glassy, had green "stuff" caked on (her left eye), and that she was having a hard time opening them. I called the doctor who told me to get her in right away.

Caylee was of course weighed-she is 9 lbs 10oz already! When Caylee and I were seen by the doctor I had a whole list of concerns/questions.

Here is a list:
Why does she scream at the same time every single day and night?
Why is she puking every time she eats even after burping and farting a ton?
What's wrong with her eye?
Why does she still have a cold?
What's the big bruise on the back of her head?
Why is her belly button bleeding some?

So after a nice long examination here is what I've learned. Caylee has blocked tear ducts, colic, a bad ear infection, reflux, she's over eating, and obviously she still has a cold.....

My poor baby is a wreck! She is now on antibiotics for the ear infection, has medicated drops for her eyes, and I have a long list of things I'm supposed to do everyday besides giving her meds.

Part of me is happy to know what's wrong but it's terribly hard to know that she is sick.

Last night was probably the hardest that we've had together..... She started screaming at 6pm. I changed, fed, and burped her. We listened to music and read books. NOTHING would get her to stop crying. Finally, I decided to try to put her in her hotsling ( or and take a walk. She immediately stopped crying when I got her situated! We walked around the neighborhood until almost 8:30pm and she didn't wake up at all. Once we got home I figured she would eat and then sleep for a while (she missed 2 of her naps) but I was completely wrong. She screamed from 9:11pm until sometime after 1am.....

I was deliriously tired (since I had to get up so early and take her to the doctor twice) and could hardly keep my eyes open even with her screaming. We walked, sang, rocked....nothing helped. My mom and grandma talked to me on the phone for a while which helped me some. Finally I called Nancy and she talked to me for a VERY long time while Caylee screamed and cried.

Caylee finally exhausted herself and passed out so Nancy and I hung up so that we could all get some sleep.... Caylee slept for about an hour and then cried until about 4am. She usually sleeps until about 10 am but woke up at 7am.

Today has been better, thank God. Nancy coming over to hold the baby gave me time to stop and breathe for a minute. After I gave the baby a bath Grandma feed and burped her and then got her to sleep. I did a load of laundry, showered, ate, and did dishes. I even took a quick walk!

Even with little sleep I feel better now!'s to hoping tonight goes better-just in case I'm going to look up tips to help with colic!!!!

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Mandy said...

Have you read the book called "The Happiest Baby on the Block?" I've read it and tried the methods they talk about on my Kaylee and they really do seem to work! Hope things get better for you and your little one. I know it's frustrating hearing her cry when there's nothing you can do to help her.