Wednesday, August 5, 2009


My family (parents, sisters, and nephew) all got to come to see Caylee! They got here the day after she was born. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see them (it'd been a few months).

Everyone looked great and they were all excited beyond belief to meet their new family member.

Them being here meant everything to me.

My mom stayed here with me when everyone else returned home. Having her was a life saver and saying goodbye to her this morning was devastating. She helped me in more ways than I'm sure she even realizes.

She did all the things that I could not do; she did the dishes, laundry, cooked, cleaned the bathroom, and also took Caylee anytime I needed to second to myself. We woke up and read the Bible together and had prayer. Her being here brought some much needed peace.

My mom is my best friend and so her presence meant more than just having someone to help. It was really nice just to have a friend here.

Somehow, I managed to not cry when she left the apartment, but don't tell her....I cried after she was gone. I also think that Caylee misses her.

Now that she's gone I feel slightly lost...ok very lost. I also feel like things are going to get a lot harder for me here without an extra set of hands. I pray every night that God gives me strength, both mentally and physically, because I need it now more than ever.

There is nothing like having Mom around to make things all better. Her sleeping in the other room put my mind at ease every night. I am so thankful for both the mother and father that God has given me.

Hopefully she will be able to come back very soon because she is greatly....greatly missed.

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